Turtle Lake

Turtle Lake (Tbilisi City)

Turtle Lake (Georg. კუს ტბა), located at an altitude of 800 meters, is considered the most popular holiday destination among residents of Tbilisi and guests of the Georgian capital. The lake got its name because of the huge number of turtles that used to live in the lake. Now you will not see these charming inhabitants, but you can enjoy the purest water, well-maintained pebble beaches, forests surrounding the lake and a vast green area where you can spend a wonderful day or even a weekend.

All this makes Turtle Lake a favorite place to relax. On the lake you can ride a catamaran, swim, sunbathe, and then take a walk along the slopes of the famous mountain and enjoy the views of the city. To the west of the lake is the Open Air Museum of Georgian Folk Architecture, where you can get acquainted with the life of the natives from the earliest times, get acquainted with their way of life and way of life. The lake can be easily reached by car. In addition, since the lake is located on the side of a mountain, it can be reached by funicular by cable car.


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