Uri fortress

Fortress of Uri (Region of Artaani)

Fortress of Uri (Georg. ურის ციხე, Tur. Altaş(Ur) kalesi) – The historical region of Georgia – Artaani (Georg. არტაანი, Tur. Ardahan), the village of Uri (Georg. ური), now Altash, (Tur. Altaş), on a hill located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River. Territory of the castle is quite inaccessible. It is surrounded by stiff inclined slopes on its three sides.  It is built from a dry set of stones, sometimes lime is used.

Three semi-circle shaped towers, equally separated from each other, are inserted to the North-East part of the Fence. All of them is quite damaged. Well-excavated huge stones are used for internal and external layers. Rows of the layer are somehow provided. As for fence, huge and middle sized stones are used for internal and external layers. In some spots, it seems that dry formation is used for building walls, but in most part, it can be seen, that space between the layer stones filled with lime.



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