Zanavi fortress

Zanavi Fortress (Region  of Samtskhe-Javakheti)

Zanavi fortress  (Georg. ზანავის ციხე)was built on a high rock, as it were, its continuation. It is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the village of Zanavi, Adigensky municipality. The history of the origin and life of this fortress has not been preserved. It is only known from the building layers that it was built in the late Middle Ages. It is obvious that the fortress was reconstructed several times and partially rebuilt. Behind the massive walls rises a three-story battle tower with loopholes on the top floor, which is a rounded continuation of the wall.

Through the arch of the southern wall we get into the courtyard. in which there is a stone pool with water. To the south there are two towers, inside one of which is the remains of a church. Behind a small stream there is a mosque, built on the site where an Orthodox church once stood, from which the pilaster capitals and a stone slab with a cross in a two-level frame have survived. The buildings are badly damaged. The walls of the impregnable fortress of Zanavi, standing on a steep cliff, offer wonderful views, which makes this place especially attractive for visitors. The fortress and its surroundings are especially photogenic in clear, sunny weather.


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