Duration: 10-12 hours

Tour programme :

Tbilisi -Borjomi – Akhaltsikhe – Khertvisi – Vardzia – Tbilisi

In the south of Georgia you will find the provinces of Samtsche – Djavakheti – a land of forested mountains and steep river valleys, gushing rivers and clear lakes.

Transfer to Borjomi.  The Balneological health resort Borjomi is situated in the south-east of Georgia in the Agura river gorge at the height of 800m above sea level. This is a picturesque place with large-leaved and coniferous forests surrounded with majestic the Caucasian mountains. The resort gained its special reputation owing to mineral sources. The Borjomi mineral waters were mentioned for the first time as early as in the XV century. The main Borjomi source is situated in Borjomi Central Park where everybody who wishes can have it.

Akhaltsikhe (old name Lomisa) is cozy situated on the both banks of a small river Potskhovi, at 1,000 meters above sea level. During a tour of this ancient city we will be able to visit Rabati Fortress. Rarely any fortress can boast of such an unusual history. Rabati – is a town in the city. The complex has many historic castles, towers, churches, and mosques cells. Halls deserve special attention which architectural performance demonstrates the great skill of the ancient masters and delicate artistic taste of the Georgian people. Impressions of the tour will remain in your memory forever, because everything in this place is imbued with the ancient majesty and rich history. In the lower part of the fortress is situated tourist information center, a restaurant, café, gift shops, all these create additional convenience for visitors.

Khertvisi fortress is situated on a high rocky hill in a narrow gorge at the confluence of the Kura and Paravani. Ancient Chronicle Leonti Mroveli wrote that Khertvisi originated during ancient times. One of the legends says that the first fortifications were destroyed during the attack of Alexander the Great. Due to the strategic importance, the fortress was constantly updated and strengthened, but, despite this, the unity of the ensemble is not broken. This is not only a first-class military installation, but also a magnificent landmark. In the center of the citadel stands 20-meter tower, also two secret passages leading to the river survived in the fortress The legendary cave city of Vardzia is a rare historical monument, built at the turn of XII-XIII centuries. At an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level in a steep tuff rock, masters have recreated a monastery complex.

Vardzia delves into the rock half a kilometer and rises up thirteen tiers, which are connected to each other with complex system of tunnels. Total number of caves was originally 3000, but after a strong earthquake in 1283 large part was destroyed. Now there are about 600. There are preserved a large reception hall, living quarters for the nobility and the common people, the book depository, wineries, water and spring water baths. The Church of the Dormition is the central spiritual and monumental focus of the site. On the same north wall are ancient portraits of the royal founders, King Giorgi III and his daughter Queen Tamar.

Return to Tbilisi.



                                              The total price of excursions $ ( US Dollar)


Number of  persons      1-3 per       4-6 per     7-16 per    17 -30 per
Mode of transport      Sedan      Minivan      Minibus        Bus
Price of excursions       130$         220$        260$        400 $


Group rates  $  (US Dollars)

Sedan:             1 per – 130$;  2 per – 65$;  3 per –  43$.

Minivan:         4 per –55$ ;  5 per – 44$;  6 per – 37$.

Minibus :        6 per – 40$;  7 per – 35$;   8 per – 30$;  9 per– 27$;  10 per- 24$ …….

Bus:                 16 per – 25$;  17 per – 24$;   18 per– 22$;  19 per – 22$;  20 per- 20$ ….


Price Includes:  Transport throughout all round, Medical insurance, Service of qualified guide.

*Timetables : on request



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