Duration: 7- 8  hours

Tour programme :

Tbilisi – Mtskheta-Shio Mgvime -Mukhrani – Tbilisi

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit  the city of Mtskheta which is included into the list of Heritage of UNESCO. Mtskheta  is an ancient town of extraordinary importance to the Georgian nation. It was the capital of the eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Mtskheta was the site of Georgia’s adoption of Christianity in 334 and remains the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Mtskheta is of primary interest to any travelers interested in Georgian history or Orthodox Christianity.

Visits of  Jvari (The Cross) Monastery. The 6th century monastery is on the high mountain, there opens a beautiful view of the city and merge of two rivers Aragvi and the river Mtkvari. It is the culmination of a number of artistic and architectural aspiration in early Christian Georgian architecture. The view from above is amazing

Visit  of Svetitskhoveli (The Life Giving Pillar) Cathedral, which is included into the list of Heritage of UNESCO. Svetitskhoveli is one of the most sacred places in Georgia and, along with Jvari Monastery, the clear highlight of a trip to Mtskheta. It was founded in 1010, built on the site of Georgia’s first church, and contains the graves of the ancient Georgian kings, including Sidonia, who was said to have been buried holding Christ’s robe.

Visit of Samtavro monastery, where year round grow, flower and fruit blackberry bush, near of which in the IV century lived and preached St. Nino- enlightener, the first preacher of Christianity in Georgia. The official adoption of Christianity in Georgia in 324 is associated with the name of St. Nino, with the assistance and participation of the King St. Miriam and Queen St. Nana. It was St. Nino who persuaded the king Miriam and queen Nana to adopt Christianity in Georgia. Woderworking icon of Iberian Mother of God, woderworking icon of St. Nino, grave of St. Tsar Merian and Tsarina Nani, hallows of St. Abibos Nekresky, St. Shio Mhvimskoho are inside.

Visite of Shio Mghvime Monastery Complex representing one of the remarkable religious and cultural centers of feudal Georgia, is located on the left embankment of the Aragvi river in Mtskheta District, some 40km away from Tbilisi. Based on historical sources, the monastery was founded in the middle of the 6th century by John Zedazneli’s pupil Shio. Father Shio spent the last years of his life in a dark deep cave where he was buried according to his will after he passed away. His tomb is recognized as the holy place in Shio Mghvime Monastery.

We invite you to discover the Georgian royal family history and breath-taking legends, a flavor of antiquity and enchanting wines. Chateau Mukhrani is one of the must-visit venues to get a fascinating insight into the traditions and secrets of Georgian wine-making, blended with remarkable stories about the Georgian royal family. Fabulous castle and cellars, wonderful gardens and vineyards made Chateau Mukhrani world-renowned.

Return to Tbilisi.



                                   The total price of excursions $ ( US Dollar)


Number of  persons      1-3 per       4-6 per     7-16 per    17 -30 per
Mode of transport      Sedan      Minivan      Minibus        Bus
Price of excursions       60$         120$        180$        250 $


Group rates  $  (US Dollars)

Sedan:             1 per – 60$;  2 per – 30$;  3 per –  20$.

Minivan:         4 per –30$ ;  5 per – 24$;  6 per – 20$.

Minibus :        6 per – 30$;  7 per – 25$;   8 per – 22$;  9 per– 20$;  10 per- 18$ …….

Bus:                 16 per – 16$;  17 per – 15$;   18 per– 14$;  19 per – 14$;  20 per- 13 $ ….


Price Includes:  Transport throughout all round, Medical insurance, Service of qualified guide.

*Timetables : on request



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