Bebristsikhe fortress

Bebristsikhe Fortress (Region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti)

Bebristsikhe Fortress (Georg. ბებრისციხე) is located on a remote high rocky massif, on the right bank of the Aragvi River. Bebristsikhe in translation means the Fortress of the Elder. The fortress at one time served as a defender of Mtskheta from the north. At the place where the fortress is located, the gorge is very narrow, therefore it played a very important role in terms of defense. In plan, the historical monument resembles a triangle with towers at the tops.

In the structure of the buildings of the citadel, archaeologists discovered layers that date back to the ancient era and feudal times. Numerous finds made during archaeological excavations have shown that Bebristsikhe was an active fortress from the 4th to the 18th century. Today, only ruins remain of all the buildings, including the remains of walls and other buildings, as well as three dilapidated towers. The southwestern tower is the best preserved of all the others, with only three floors remaining.


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