Pitareti monastery

Pitareti Monastery (Region of Kvemo Kartli)

Pitareti Monastery (Georg. ფიტარეთის მონასტერი). One of the best examples of Georgian religious domed architecture. Fitareti Cathedral is known for its varied, rich ornamentation, which is distinguished by high craftsmanship and distinguishes the temple from other monuments of its era. The active male monastery of the XIII century is located in the village of Pitareti, in the deep valley of the river Ktsia (Georg. ქცია) and is surrounded by high mountains.

The monastery complex includes the main temple, a bell tower with an entrance gate, a Marani (wine cellar) and other outbuildings. The main church itself is in excellent condition, given its age and remote location. It is decorated with a great number of skillfully curved stone ornaments, has a richly carved stone cross at the main entrance to the cathedral, decorative decorations around all windows and unique stone vaults under the central dome in the interior of the cathedral. The interior contains frescoes from various periods and is currently in a restored and protected state.


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