Tskarostavi(Javakheti) church

Church of Tskarostavi (Javakheti) (Region of Artaani)

Church of Tskarostavi (Javakhti) (Georg. ჯავახეთის წყაროსთავი).  located in the historical region of Georgia – Artaani (Georg. არტაანი), in the modern region Chyldir (Chrili) (Georg. ჩრდილი Tour. Çıldır) of Turkey, close to Lake Kardzakhi (Georg. კარწახი), near the village of Tskarostavi (Georg. წყაროსთავი (ჯავახეთი)), now Yondzhul (Tur. Öncül). The bishopric diocese of  Tskarostavi was one of the oldest in Georgia and included the territory to the east of the Kura River: from Artaani to Mount Karsi and Khaveti.

The exact date of construction of the temple is unknown. According to historical sources, it can be determined that the church was built in the VI century, no later than 523. In the middle of the X century, the three-aisled basilica was transformed into a domed church. Unfortunately, today it is impossible to find a detailed architectural description of the temple, as the monument is completely destroyed. In the 70s of the XX century, it was completely demolished and a mosque was built in its place. The stones of the ruined church are scattered throughout the village.


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